What Students Are Saying

"A very fair and ethical person with a gift to teach math... Ms. D. has advanced my daughter in math beyond what I thought was possible.  She has taken a child who believed that she was unable to do math and developed her into a leader in her math class.  My wife and I are deeply grateful.  Ms. D. offered to make up time that had been lost over the last few weeks from no fault of hers, I am very impressed with that gesture."

~ Phil Thalheimer. from San Diego, CA on 12/21/13

"In six weeks Debbie helped my husband raise his grade from an F to a B. Not only did he bring his College Calculus grade up, my husband walked away actually understanding the formulas themselves. Thank You Debbie for your dedication, time, & patience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is having a difficult time with any kind of math."

~ Desi R. from San Diego, CA on 11/12/13

"Excellent! Debbie is ethical, professional, and honest. Great tutor!"

Debbie stepped into a very challenging situation. Prior to accepting the tutoring job, she reviewed the material and determined whether or not she would be able to provide my son with the necessary tools he required in order to proceed. This was a daunting task, but she did not waiver from the challenge. My son tends to get off-task and his organizational skills are somewhat immature for his age. It was very important to Debbie that my son truly learn the information versus simply memorizing the data for the final. She basically had to go back and teach him the concepts, as he is in an independent HS program. Not only is she teaching him math (statistics), but she is also teaching him how to learn. I find this to be a far more important skill than just learning the math concepts. Teaching my son how to take appropriate notes, how to study, and how to conceptualize information is a skill that he can apply to all subjects.

~ Kelli M. from San Diego, CA on 8/29/13

"Debbie is a wonderful math tutor... She took her time to guide me through complicated formulas and problems. She helped me truly understand and effectively apply the concepts that were being reviewed. She explained difficult and complex issues in an understandable manner and is very comprehensive with the subject matter. Debbie also has great communication skills and using these skills, she has been the perfect tutor for me."


~ Andrea S. from Rancho Santa Fe, CA on 8/5/13


"Dear Debbie, Thank you so much for your wonderful tutoring. Thanks to you, Alexandra was able to excel in an area where she has difficulty.  Have a wonderful summer."

~ Sheila Gleason. from San Diego, CA on 6/9/15

"You are a super tutor for Edward. Appreciated."


~ E.J. Griffin, from San Diego, CA on 6/10/15

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